Friday, 30 March 2012

OPI Germany Collection Preview (Fall 2012)

Hi everyone!

It's finally Easter break! Not that it's really a break for me as I have ten thousand essays and practice papers and questions and notes and everything to do which will be fun, I'm sure.

Anyhoo, OPI announced their new Germany collection a couple of days ago. I don't know what is up with all these European inspired collections, by the way. First Holland this Germany. That's not a complaint though as I'm European too!

L to R: My Very First Knackwurst, Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Berlin There Done That, Dont Talk Bach to Me, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, Schnapps Out of It, Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs, Every Month is Oktoberfest, Unfor-greta-bly Blue, Deutsch You Want Me Baby, Danke-Shiny Red & German-icure by OPI.

My immediate favourites are probably My Very First Knackwurst and Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs. I don't know what is wrong with me recently but I'm starting to like pinks and purples on my nails more! They definitely remind me of fall shades but I don't know if they represent Germany well as I've never been. Is anyone reading this German? I love hearing what people from the country has to say about names and colours!

Until next time :-)

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  1. love this collection! i follow u honey...nice