Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Laughing in the Purple Rain

...also known as Illamasqua Stance. 

Yesterday, my friend and I went shopping around Carnaby Street and I ended up buying four new nail polishes that I will be doing something with in the near future. There is a Illamasqua shop there and so I decided to buy Stance from their new Human Fundamentalism collection. The polish is a pinkish purple berry creme and photos do NOT do it justice at all so you should definitely try finding it in person before judging it!
This is sadly the only photo that sort of gets the colour right, although it's a little darker in real life.

Formula wise, it's not too bad. I had to use three coats and there is still a little nail line peeking through if you look closely, but not enough that anyone other than me would notice. It also dried really dull, strangely, but that's easily fixed with a top coat. To be honest, I think I was expecting better after paying £13.50 for one bottle, but I still like it a lot and it's a good summer colour.

P.S my hands are really dry here...sorry!

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  1. looks really nice and summery :) i think i have a similar shade by barry m xx<3