Sunday, 25 March 2012

OPI Spider-Man Collection (another one!)


I will be posting a nail art design tomorrow, although I'm not sure what of yet, but today I will just be talking about the Spider-man collection that will be released in May. I must admit...I've never actually seen any of the Spider-Man movies and I probably won't see this one but the colours here look sort of interesting...

 L to R: Shatter the Scales, Your Web or Mine?, Call Me Gwen-Ever, Into the Night, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Number One Nemesis and Just Spotted the Lizard 
I am not a big fan of shatter polishes at all so I will be passing on that one, as well as the grey. Shatters just seem lazy to me and WAY overdone. I can't wait until companies stop trying to shove them down our throats! The pink looks familiar too, but I am sort of excited about seeing swatches of My Boyfriend Scales Walls (unless it is just a white) and Just Spotted the Lizard...maybe Call Me Gwen-Ever and Into the Night too. I like all of the names here, which is rare! 

Overall, I'm not that excited by this collection and probably won't end up buying any right away,  even those that look fairly good. Maybe swatches will persuade me otherwise :-)

Do you have any favourites in the Spider-Man collection?

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  1. i think just spotted the lizard looks like a dupe for chanel peridot!