Monday, 26 March 2012

OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? and Max Factor Fantasy Fire (AKA the best thing since the last best thing)

Good evening! Unless it isn't evening where you are, of course.

When I saw the Wooden Shoe Like to Know? bottle in John Lewis, I was VERY excited. I don't own many neutral colours and this seemed to have the best of both worlds as it is a brown with a little shimmer to keep it from looking too dull. I had seen swatches that didn't show it with shimmer, but the bottle led me to believe that maybe I had remembered the swatches wrong. I mean...look at it!

So when I first wore it, I was disappointed. You don't see the shimmer at all. Even in bright sunlight, all you see is this:

Most of the time, even that tiny scatter of shimmer is unachievable. I still like it but it wasn't what I was expecting at all! This is what it looks like in the shade and indoors:

It sucks, right? So I've been thinking of things to use it for to make it better and this morning...I had a brainwave. FANTASY FIRE! Luckily, I live in the UK and after a few weeks of not being able to find it, it now seems to be everywhere so I don't mind using my bottle more. The base makes Wooden Shoe look a little purpler but in my opinion, this only improves it. The following photos are three thin coats of Wooden Shoe Like to Know? and one coat of Fantasy Fire. Prepare for a short photo spam...

THIS is what I wish Wooden Shoe looked like on it's own! The photo doesn't even begin to capture the shimmery loveliness that is this layering.

These next two are blurry to show the colour change of Fantasy Fire. It mostly shines red, but every now and then, you get flashes of green and gold and it just looks so good! I don't even know how to describe it!

Even though this is probably more of an autumn (fall) pairing, I can see myself wearing this quite a lot. I probably would have forgotten all about WSLTK if it wasn't for the goddess of all polish (well...), Fantasy Fire, coming to it's rescue, so this has made me very happy indeed. 

Have you ever bought a polish that has been a major disappointment? What have you done to improve it?

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